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>> and the was, colorado. mitt romney's third and final campaign stop of the day -- englewood, colorado.
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mitt romney's third and final campaign stop of the day. we will read some of your tweets. the phone lines -- our plan is to take some phone calls and get prepared to see president obama's final campaign appearance of the day this evening at 10:35 eastern. the president will be in bristol, virginia. about 45 miles west of the nation's capital. he will be joined by former president bill clinton. phone calls.our we have calls waiting. first one is in illinois. are democrats line. caller: i cannot like either one of the candidates. if i look at these men, you have issued a businessman and a
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shrewd attorney. mitt romney always says about faith. every nation throughout history has failed because he cannot -- god is not going to accept idolatry. god cannot bless but he said it cannot do. he also says a double minded man is unstable. i did not even know what mitt romney stands for. i am kind of confused where obama stands. i did my but jesus. host: let's go to hampton, virginia. -- vote host: let's go to hampton, virginia.
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caller: i'm disappointed with president obama. the church providing birth control and morning after pill. the democrats seem to teach abortion, abortion, abortion. and teacher unions can be very greedy. host: benjamin is in wisconsin. but independent line. caller: at think mitt romney is everything that is wrong with the republican party. [unintelligible] it shows that mitt romney can buy his way into the election. host: it sounds like you are in
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favor of ron paul. will you write him in? caller: yes, sir. he is the superior candidate. we will show up the republican party/ they were cheating in not playing fair. host: mitt romney focusing recently in his speeches on the economy. one of the poll questions we have had on our facebook pages which candidate would do a better job on domestic policy? 275 think barack obama and mitt romney mitt139. but collecting some of the language -- mitt romney 139. some of the language of mitt romney has been using --
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caller: i am impressed and excited about the enthusiasm for mitt romney. he is truly speaking about serving the whole country and not just focusing on the individual. in the wake of hurricane sandy, we have seen clearly the problem with the government when president obama says he's going to get the federal government out of the way of rebuilding can be done. that is mitt's message, to get the government out of the way in restore the economy. we are seeing clearly in the relations being lifted to bring in oil to the east coast and the unions stopping out a state workers to come to restore electricity. this country needs to work together and mitt romney will bring us together. host: ob mentioned the hurricane -- bob mentioned the
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hurricane. and it has ben written about how it will affect the election . the store this morning from abc about chris christie. said everybody should be ready to vote on tuesday. i have ordered the county clerk's offices in every county in new jersey to be open both days of the weekend. he said he did not have to wait to vote. if you are tired of cleaning this stuff up, go there in person. also this morning, reported by mike allen of politico, an interesting story that mitt romney had in mind chris christie as his first choice. reaction to the speech tonight from mitt romney and your thoughts on the campaign. we are two days -- three days away. here is lewis in maine.
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go ahead. caller: i though mitt romney's speech was ok. i tend to be more fiscally conservative but socially liberal. over the past few weeks, i thought -- i haev seeve seen obama. he has done a great job with sandy. he talks about how he will heal our economy domestically. throughout the debate in his speech tonight, i did not think he conveyed in a more details about his tax plan. people have said the math does not add up. whether or not there are enough deductions to meet his goals, it is going to be redistributing the taxes. he does not talk about what he will cut up. planned parenthood and some other specific programs. he has not addressed -- romney
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talks about how he will drill more and get more natural gas and oil but he had not talked much about global warming and issues there. a lot of people have been talking about that in the wake of hurricane sandy. that is one issue he could adjust tonight. his supporters seem to be pretty excited but i have not seen mitt romney give those details. host: you're leaning towards president obama? caller: yeah, i think she is a more consistent and has demonstrated a more reasonable understanding of the issues at hand. especially with the tax issues. mitt romney never give us answers on the details. obama said we want to cut spending and we want to make tax cuts for people but those come
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across. i do not think mitt romney understands that. host: thank you for joining in. next hour democrat line. caller: i am a registered democrat. host: you're voting for president obama? caller: no, i am voting with honor for governor mitt romney. host: what got you to change your view? caller: i have listened to every campaign speech for both candidates, or the president, rather. i felt that he has the integrity and the business sense to get the people working again. and improve the economy. i have never voted republican
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before. this will be the first time. i very carefully analyze tim and i think he is a remarkable man. and this country will get on track again. host: north carolina. to be on the republican line. caller: i did not understand why there is any question of who should be our next president. it is mitt romney and paul ryan all the way. their energy and talking of 12 million jobs-- there is ono reason why anybody should not want to vote for him. he is sessions here. host: president obama will wrap up his campaign in virginia. a big concert pavilion outside the washington area. he will be joined by bill clinton. the crowd will be warmed up by dave matthews.
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we will take you live to the event at about 10:35 eastern. in another busy day on sunday for both campaigns. as they travel around the country, hitting several of the so-called battleground states. the president tomorrow will be in concord, new hampshire. then continue to hollywood, florida. we will have that live to you at about 3:40 then on to aurora, colorado. mitt romney will be in des moines, iowa. and pennsylvania. that will be at about 5:25 eastern tomorrow afternoon. that is three of the four stops. dennis lockhart -- stopped in newport news, virginia. mitt romney will wrap things up on monday night. a late appearance in new england in manchester, new hampshire. salt lake city is next on our democrats line. caller: i will like to -- i have watched mitt romney's speech.
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he talks about working on both sides. this is the same man who signed over 800 vetoes when he was governor of massachusetts. i think it is unreasonable that he's going to be as bipartisan as he says he is. host: thank you for your call. caller from pennsylvania on our independent line. caller: my number one point is with the obamacare, i am a student in the medical field. it is one of the hottest issues being debated in our at the class is -- in our ethics classes. the short-term goal for the obamacare will be great at first the people do not realize is the
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country that have socialized medicine, it really does not work. it will cut back in long-term, huge cuts across the board. everybody is going to suffer. one of the things president obama keeps pushing is socialized medicine -- pushing a lot of socialistic ideas. host: do you think mitt romney has won the issue in terms of the peeling obamacare? has that resonated with voters? caller: i think so but i do not think it is really explained too well. host: in terms of what -- caller: what it will do for our
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future. once it is in place, it will not go away. once we have the socialized medicine, they will decide who is going to get medicine, who will get treatment, who will not. she cannot get treatment because she was too far away from our, center. that is one of the reasons why canada has certain disadvantages in their health care. i do not want us as a country going down the road. that is one great thing about this country. the sky is the limit with free enterprise. if you are a hard worker, you have a really good chance of succeeding. host: to keep returning us. a couple more calls. i wanted to check our twitter
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page. here's one -- we showed you the poll will benefit page about the economy -- the of the one asked which candidate would do better with the economy. barack obama was clearly ahead of the spirit of this question, which can that it will better address that as a cliff, it is close. 496 for the president. 481 for mitt romney. a couple more calls. let's go to ohio. joseph on our republican line. caller: hi. i'm very disappointed in mitt romney. i had followed him from the beginning of the republican primary and he was like the
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extreme right and then when he went to the middle and did not stick by what he was running on, he just lost me. president obama -- i am a disabled veteran. i can tell you right now, if you don't want obamacare, you do not have to get it. i was in -- i went to the va and during the bush years, i could i get no coverage. host: you are calling on our independent line to read to you are not happy with mitt romney -- line so you are not happy with mitt romney. who do support as a candidate? caller: romney flip flopped. he is like a box of chocolates.
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you do not know what you're going to get. host: who will you vote for now? caller: barack obama. he was dealt a bad deal but he has made strides. the republican side has put up roadblocks. the democrats and republicans need to meet in the middle and do something about what is going on. the republicans have set out to make him a one-term president. host: we will let you go in a second. a one word answer. who will win in caller: ohio it will be barack obama. -- who will win in ohio? caller: it will be barack obama.
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caller: i am a republican and i have voted for mitt romney. i think he is the best man for the white house. host: you already voted? caller: yea, i already voted for him. he is an honest man. he can do the job and protect our armed forces. my husband is a veteran. i was a military wife for 20 years. hello, you still there? host: we are still here. ppg your opinion. she is one of 25 million americans who have voted early this year. -- we appreciate your opinion. she is one of 25 million americans to a but early this year. coming up in an hour or sell -- or so, we will take you live to
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burgeon with president obama and former president bill clinton in the final campaign rally of the day. we will have that live for you when it gets under way. a debate about youth issues. between conservatives, liberals, and libertarians, hosted by the -- from american university. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen. i am the president of the young americans for liberty. i like to welcome you for coming here tonight. it is people like you to bring prosperity and freedom to this nation. thank you for that.
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i would like to tahnk cothank c hubbard and those who helped me bring this about come to life. and also contributions from the cato institute, american enterprise. and all of you for going out of your way to attend this campus debate. 20 years ago, my father made his journey in america. he came with many obstacles. no friends or family members to make his life here easier in
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america. but there is one thing that he had and that was belize. a belief that here it into this nation, if you work hard and are patient and take responsibility for your actions, you can build for success. and believe that in america, you can ensure that your children will have a life you never had. regardless of who you are, where you come from, who you love, what you worship or what political belief you hold to, that you have a right to freedom with the restraints are boundaries. this is what my father believed to be the american dream. this is still the american dream. we go to our ancestors, parents, children and ourselves. to make sure we make this american dream and american
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reality. today we live in a time of restricted freedom. for the wireless tapping conducted in the paycheck act -- in the patriot act. and the timing and strikes are a common occurrence -- and a time when gun checks are a common occurrence. we live in a time where american citizens can easily be killed by executive order. this is not what my father sacrificed everything for. this is not the american dream. there is one thing that holds true beyond the birth of this nation.
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a toaster to all americans. -- it stands true for all americans. we all cherish liberty. we are among the greatest of generations. and there have been some great contributions by young activists. the whole world at our fingertips. we can change the world in the blink of an eye. through social media, we have brought the world closer together. the live in a time of blessings. after having my article published into an online magazine and had it republished -- that proves to me that we do have a future. we must take full of vantage of our time in history. is why i am honored to host this
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debate tonight with three speakers with three different perspectives. i hope to get -- a night and never ending discussion to criticism and debate. -- ignite a never ending discussion of criticism and debate. this campaign our way to the american dream. -- this can pave our way to the american dream. we will write our own future, our own destiny. an individual who last -- who has been rising to achieve the american dream. he came here for liberty and the american revolution.
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it is an honor and a pleasure to introduce to you tonight's moderator. please try me in putting your hands together for mr. jack hunter. >> it is a pleasure to be with you all. there we go. it is a pleasure to be with you all here this evening for this campus debate between what is supposed to be libertarian, a liberal, and a conservative. the conservative will be here a bentley. he's keeping a flaming metro car. -- escaping a flaming metro car. mrs. going to be a fun evening. a good exchange. i would like to think -- thank young americans for liberty and no labels for putting on this of that. apple introduced the speakers who are here.
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first of all, representing the liberal perspective is bill share, the online campaign manager at the campaign for america's future and the author and"wait, don't move to canada." he is the host of a podcast with tracy olson. the dmz with matt lewis and has been published in the new york times, omaha world herald. he has made appearances on cnn, msnbc and other >> representing the libertarian perspective is tim cavanaugh. he has worked as the online editor of the los angeles times. his work has appeared in "the
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washington post", san francisco magazine, mother jones and many others. to write at manyes papers across the country. eventually jim antell will be joining us. with the gentleman i have here right now, a good way to get started. this was supposed to be three representatives of three perspectives. we are in the midst of the campaign season. we are left and right. whatever is in between. libertarian will have an influence on this election. let's start with you individually describing what it means to be a liberal and a libertarian. we start with mr. scher. >> thanks very much for doing this. young americans for liberty, thank you for having us here. i define liberalism as the three r's. a government that is representative of all people,
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that is responsive to the people's concerns, and responsible for managing our resources financial and rnatural. that is the kind of government that has always been in place when america has been its most successful. when government has been artificially restrained from doing what it is good at and what it can do, which is what we saw in the previous decade, when there are not rules of the road for corporations and financial institutions, who are not -- we are not investing in our infrastructure and education, we have some serious obstacles. when government is in response to what the people are asking it to do, is active and a smart and responsible way, we can move the ball forward and avert a global depression as we had with the recovery act. we can expand health care to make sure most americans are
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covered while cutting our costs and averting long-term debt issues as we did with obama- care. these are the kinds of initiatives which i think liberals have assessed. we are in a time where we can have three -- >> hi, i'm tim. thanks for having me. i am a libertarian. that is a philosophy that is popularly described as being socially liberal and fiscally conservative. i do not think that is a broad enough definition. it is a popular one because it allows libertarians to say, that is 22% of the voters, are fiscally conservative, socially liberal. it is a little more radical view of ownership of yourself. you all a lot of stuff. -- you own a lot of stuff. the first thing you own is yourself, your mind, your body,
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your heart. nobody is in a better decision then you are. even if somebody were in a better position, it is highly unlikely given everything we know about knowledge and personality that that still would not be the right thing to do because your mistakes are your own. that is the founding principle, the philosophy of libertarianism. -- a- that's pretty a pretty far basis from the practical politics bill was talking about. i look for talking about how we averted the global depression. that is where we come from. the individual is prior to the state. it is an update of the idea that life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness -- you may have heard about -- are your rights of everybody. >> since you mentioned a global depression, our economy is not
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the way a lot of people wanted to be. the unemployment numbers are not where they should be. what is your, from your political perspective, your idea of the proper economic policy that will create the most wealth and prosperity for the most people? >> let's look at what has happened in the past four years. gdp was collapsing, -8%%. economy in free fall. we are not where we want to be. relative to where we were four years ago, were at 2% growth versus -8%. this is typical of financial crises. it is different than cyclical recessions. you look at the reagan recession of 1982, for example. they bounced back within a year. growth shot up in 1983.
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obama must be worse than reagan. it is a different kind of recession. when there is a credit crunch, when it is hard to get credit, to get the financial sector up and running again, traditionally those take a longer time. the great depression, for example, took years to get out. fdr had unemployment with 25%. at the end of his first term, it was 17%. people said, that is better than where we were. what we have with the recovery 'st is it -- it's obama response to the public. we have elected a guy to fill in this gap in economic demand we are suffering. to do that, the private sector is not going to do it because they are being battered by this credit crunch. by the collapse of the banks. the public sector is your entity of last resort to step in and
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prevent everything from going to the floor. we are not in free fall anymore, but we are not where we should be. there are lots of things that we need to do to be in a better place. a private sector is not doing on its own. if they were doing it, i would not supplant them for no reason. but they are not going to on their own upgrade our roads and bridges. that is not what the private sector does. that is a public sector area. they are not going to help us avert a climate crisis. they are not going to on their own invest in a lot of cutting edge green technology that is not proven to be commercially successful yet just because nature's clock is ticking. that is not how private sector decision is made. that -- only a public sector entity will do that. we have that kind of work to do. it will leave us with a better nation and a better world afterward. it is work that has to get done.
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and we have the job crisis. and interest rates are very low. it is unusual. it is a great time to borrow because rates are so low. you can invest in infrastructure and energy projects and not bust the budget by doing so. perfect conditions for a more robust government. the people are asking -- people want better roads and bridges and better schools and hire more teachers. it is a good time for it that kind of government, that responsive, representative government. >> unforeseen late -- it is time to borrow. that is what people are doing. we have massive, high levels of debt. public and private. savings are below 4%. they are about as low as they were in the middle of the last decade. nothing is getting better. you cannot eat gdp.
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nobody sees any light coming along. if freefall is so bad, should we not see that in declining prices? yet we are not. we have all the institutions of finance and the federal reserve and the government trying to present crisis from -- prices from coming down, when if you look at a gallop poll the other day, it asked -- this is another question that did not come up in the debate. what is your most, your biggest concern about the economy? by far, by a factor of two, the largest number of people said, higher prices. i do not like prices going up. yet, we are told every day there is no inflation. we have seen a decline in housing prices. but they are still not to a level where most people can afford to buy. if you take the historical level of affordability as a factor of how much people are earning every year, we have seen -- we
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have averted ourselves into this and less stagnation. people need to take time into consideration. it has been five years. and running. i would say that we should probably going back to 2001 to say when our economic stagnation began. it was papered over by the ball and housing prices. we cannot -- the bubble in housing prices. the fact that you have free fall for a while maybe the smartest thing to do is to let that continue to collapse and let prices hit bottom and then dig your way out from there. whatever we avoided, i do not see how it is any better than ongoing period of stagnation. we continue to print more money. ben bernanke is on quantitative easy to the nth power. this is not all obama's fault. this goes back five years.
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people forget how many bailouts there were in the last two years of george w. bush's term. he himself said he had to give up his free-market ideals to save the economy. what did he say? you guys will be graduating in a couple of years. what kind of market are you going to be saving? are you optimistic about it? i do not think so. and yet it is considered really strange. it does not get brought up in the debate. neither major party address this at all. the absolute mss failure -- manifest failure of keynesian economics. there is a group of lunatics not meat who s, who say, we do need to change the medicine. the medicine is what is killing the patient. >> absolutely. the inflation question. generally speaking, inflation is in check. what you see volatility in is
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food and energy. that can give you the perception of prices being out of hand. you go to the supermarket or follow up your car once a week or more. that gets under your skin. it creates an index that separates them from energy because that is a noisy, up and down figure. core inflation is the price of everything else. that is pretty stable. to your keynesian point, the basic keynesian argument that john maynard keynes pushed during the great depression -- at the time, people had the notion that government should retrench. keep the budget balanced, do not be reckless. we should ride out the storm. keynes says that is not what will work out best. ife to fill the giap
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private sector is retrenching. somebody has to step in, and a last resort is the government. when that happened with the fdr, it happened mildly at first. we thought keynes was full of himself. we had infrastructure and some makeshift stuff when infrastructure was taking so long. then world war ii came along and we cranked it up. the depression ended. the recovery is a classic example. what tim is suggesting that maybe that is not so great. maybe if the government stayed away and you hit rock bottom, that would lead to a more vibrant economy at the end of the day. there is an argument about that in guards to the banks. we should not bail out the banks. let them hit rock bottom.
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weed out the rotting wood. let them clean themselves up. maybe tim is right. maybe those folks are right about the banks. it's a hell of a bet if you're wrong. >> i do not want to spend all night on inflation and how it gets measured, but if you are suspicious of how you measure inflation that counts everything except what you need to stay alive. you are right to be suspicious. inflation in check is the problem. we have had a 11%, since 2007, your dollar now buys 11 cents less than it did in 2007. there has been no growth and no decrease in unemployment and no benefit to anybody out there. this is what is so maddening. when the liberals make this
9:44 pm
argument. it is the people at the bottom. it is like john cougar mellencamp says the simple man pays the bills. these are people running on a treadmill to get for their back. -- further back. all have to do is read the paper and watch your phone to know what is going on. the iddea that we are going to solve this to more inflation and to more spending. this is a question i have for everybody that proposes the keynesian -- to people in the audience -- are the familiar with the idea of keynesian liquidity trap and the idea that you need, the government needs to step in to pick up the slack in aggregate demand? right. the idea is that the government needs to spend on the deficit and they need to go further into debt in order to push all the money out into the economy that is not in the economy because everybody is afraid to spend.
9:45 pm
the great depression went on for more than 10 years after the rooseveltsian stimulus started. if your car world war room in even christina romer has refuted the idea that the war ended the depression. at.n one of th the original failure of keynesian was during the depression. nobody saw it that way. if you take that seriously. taking up slack in demand is what we need to do, how much do we need to spend? what is the dollar figure that the government needs to put out? yeah. >> there is a lot of debate about this during the recovery. it is hard to come up with a precise figure because we are human beings. >> the keynesians are the ones
9:46 pm
that believe that everything is track ball and you use mathematical formulas and greek letters. >> there was internal debate in the obama administration, how big is the gap? and how much should the government do on its own or how much should it laid the floor and let the private sector do the rest? to some extent, it was a political question. how much can you get congress to accept? how much was it willing to pass? some people on the left are mad at larry summers because christina romer was suggesting you had to go over $1 trillion. that was necessary. and there is summers said, there is no way you are getting that number through congress. the romers of the world look more correct. if we are able to get some more in there, we might be in a better place today. there is a counter argument that
9:47 pm
on paper may be that is true, but there is only so much that government can do to process that money in a constructive way. you are hitting the ceiling of diminishing returns. exactlyt know who is right. as far as speed of government action is concerned, the government is too slow to act. this is a case where they did not wait until rock bottom. they actually stop the freefall. it was not the exact, a perfect number, but it was pretty good. >> my view is all of these programs cement into place the problems that are already there. the failure of the future of the free market is not a bug. all these things leave us in a static state. that is where we have been for five years. if you like this, there is plenty more coming. no matter who wins in next
9:48 pm
week's election. >> let me ask you about a question that addresses the differences between liberals and libertarians. and we will get to conservatives when they get here. i address this to you first, tim. mr. scher mentioned it was the job of the public sector to create roads and bridges. we heard that in this election. a lot of libertarians say, you do not even need the state to that extent. how you answer that challenge from people who say the public sector must do this, we need a certain amount of central planning for infrastructure? >> this is not my area of expertise. it is not my bailiwick. i do not like paying tolls. i do not like driving through delaware and maryland. that is one way, more private building of roads. none of these are simple solutions. part of my philosophy is that bigger is not necessarily better. i can go really crazy, however
9:49 pm
far back you want to go, i will go further and say maybe the constitution is the problem. we were better off under the articles of confederation. i do not know the united states needs to stretch from sea to shining sea. i do not see why we need to have -- we need to have these superhighways that go through and destroying neighborhoods, why we need to have mr. buildings that is -- master builders that destroy neighborhoods. yeah, there is some benefit in terms of convenience and drivability and so forth. i do not know that that would not be solved in other ways through more county roads, more state roads, more private roads again, if you go to reason, you can find a lot more people with a lot more expertise about toll roads and make these arguments more persuasively than i can. take an interest in infrastructure case. our conservative is not here because he took public transportation. i wanted to get that out there.
9:50 pm
we did not. and we are here. >> that's right. >> i would say that d.c.'s public transportation is a disgrace. i moved here from los angeles to has a fairly decent public transportation system. if you are willing to take the bus, which of course, people of the right sort are never willing to take the bus. but the people who need public transportation take the bus. i go to 11 on all the time. and i can get from the north of to the south on a couple of bucks. some of these buses are licensed. i presume that a lot of them are not. in .d.c we have this and last battle going on about the taxicabs and delaware and system, which is straight up public choice. -- the medallion system, which is a public choice.
9:51 pm
transportation does not need to be mapped out in some central room. it is much better if people make their own decisions about transportation. a lot of people choose bikes. >> bike paths by the government. i have never heard people say that d.c. metro was worse than los angeles public transportation. [laughter] he raises something that is worth noting. not every government decision is going to be a good one. it is possible to make a bad government decision. but it is not fair to say that this infrastructure project was not good. therefore, all infrastructure is bad. you could beat -- you could have private corporations that behave badly. people in the private and public sector arguments that make mistakes. the question is, what in general
9:52 pm
is going to be necessary to have a healthy, functioning society that has both liberty and health and security? what i find strange about modern conservatism, and i am sorry that jim is not here. i'd ask him. most conservatives would say they are not for no government. they are for limited government. but most conservatives, i think, if you talk to them privately would agree that there are some things that only government is going to do, like roads and bridges. now we are in the middle of the aftermath of hurricane sandy. fema is an interesting question of the befuddled me because it started under jimmy carter, one of his bureaucratic innovations. and reagan did not take it seriously, and bush sneior did
9:53 pm
not take it seriously. in 1992, bush senior got burned with hurricane andrew. clinton wrote in his autobiography, i made a mental note -- i will not get elected because of my disaster management. but i could lose this job if i do not do this right. i will make sure that i will hire a pro and with fema into shape. then bush junior comes in. you have a government agency after 8 years which everybody likes. bush for no obvious reason decides, forget it. let's put in political cronies again. let's go back to the old way. he got burned. so obama comes back and puts in a prom. -- a pro. you have not heard much about
9:54 pm
fema the past few years because when they do a good job you do not hear about it. as one of the challenges of being a liberal. romney is on record saying that any opportunity you tend to turn it over to the state or private sector, you should do it. why can't a conservative state, this works? >> that is a perfectly legitimate question, especially in the aftermath of sandy. we had an article in "the new york times" that big storms require big government. >> i am from atlantic city. i have a brother there right now who weathered out the storm. he has his own generator. he is not a survivalists. he's a pilot with delta air lines. who ordinarily tells me, you are an idiot libertarian. anybody who does not vote for obama is a racist, etc.
9:55 pm
in the last couple of days, he has been ranting about how nobody is allowed back on the island. all of the people who evacuated -- this is a great example of setting up perverse incentives. next time, when they tell you to evacuate, you would be a fool to do so, because it has shown after half a week, they are not letting anybody back on the island. he is a ranting. the government needs to get out of our way, let people back on the island. who is better at bringing themselves back from a disaster than the people actually live there and have homes there and operate businesses there? the jury is out on sandy and the recovery. the governor of new jersey is in a fight with the mayor of atlantic city right now over whether he forced enough people to evacuate pushing people around and forcing people to do things is not the way to recover from a disaster. there is a lot of literature,
9:56 pm
including interesting stuff by a leftist writer, about voluntary communities and the way they come together in the face of disaster. that is what gets things going we had a horrible disaster in new orleans and brownie deserved all the blame he got. but part of the problem is that we should not be relying on the government to take care of us, even in these terrible disaster situations. there is going to be a situation where you need more brute force. and only -- brute force is the one thing that government is good at. but those tend to happen in the headlines more than they have been in the individual level. people need to, first of all, be discouraged from building houses in hurricane zones. we do not need to get too deep into that.
9:57 pm
the government subsidizes your insurance to build in an area where you should not be doing in the first place. if you let the price of that go up, people would not be in the situation. when a disaster hits, it is like anything else, if you are depending on the government to save you, you are probably in bigger trouble than you know. >> going back to the basic differences between liberals and libertarians -- a function of the state in relation to the public and private sectors -- let me ask you, bill. there was a great piece in reason magazine after the democratic national convention. it was something called along the lines of "the big question." all the speakers talked about we need this program for this or that. every obama speech is that we will do this, infrastructure, come together. all these different programs. barack obama is looking at a $16 trillion national debt, taking it from bush's $10 trillion. in the 1990's under bill
9:58 pm
clinton, we had $4 trillion. you were asked earlier to give a number as far as stimulus, what would be the actual number that would help? how much money can we spend it? is it unlimited? that is a quintessential liberal position that we can spend all of this government monday and keep doing it and that is how we will take care of society. can we do $40 trillion? $50 trillion? how far are we going to go? >> what obama came in, the annual deficit, the annual number, how much money taken versus how much you spend -- the collective debt -- how much in bonds had been issued to various bondholders, the annual deficit number when obama came was $1.20 trillion. where is this year is $1.10 trillion. it came back down. we are not talking about someone
9:59 pm
who has completely gone off the deep end. when you have an annual deficit every year, your collective debt is going to grow. but we saw these numbers of the collective debt is more or less these numbers combined -- they do not take into account inflation which happens to some degree all the time. it is a bit of a misnomer. the figure that economists look at is how much can your shoulder, the ratio of debt to gdp, the overall economy. right now that is fairly high. it is not high as it was during world war ii, at its highest, but it is up there. so far, we cannot sustain that in perpetuity, but we have been holding on. interest rates are low. inflation is low. those are things to worry about. if your debt gets out of hand. if you let your desk of hand, they will explode.
10:00 pm
-- if you let your debts get out of hand. that has not happened. if he stayed at this level for 10 years, maybe it would, but we are not there yet. that is why obama has proposed some kind of long-term deficit reduction program to get that ratio down to a more reasonable, 40%. is it sustainable over time? there is no nation in the world that does not have some gdp to debt ratio. i do think we can sustain some. it would be better to find a way to cut what you do not need it. raise revenue where you can.
10:01 pm
find more creative ways. the real deficit river is healthcare. obamacare i totally solve this problem how the projects ago and had the public learns from them and approves them. nobody can map it out perfectly. most say the mean driver of deficits is health care. we are on the path to reform in that. there are plans on the table that would it presumably get the debt ratio done to a time, not in an abrupt way the still. >> it is a shame we still did not have the conservatives hair. i will not defended towards the
10:02 pm
of the bush policy deficit spending of their running out of the debt. the debt is what is -- the debt is what matters. we have to accept these facts. the issue is, how do we stop that? it is not going to be done through a combination of tax increases and a reduction in spending. they are actually in reductions to in the rate of new spending. four of the picking we do on greece and italy and spain, they have actually spent a little less the year over year and they have the year before. they are steps in the right direction. we will only get there through cutting in the united states.
10:03 pm
the things that the president is trying in france right now -- 75% tax rate. history has shown year and a in going back to the first deficit and that hoover ran, it began the process that was about the continued on ticking of dislike in aggregate demand it. he never reduce your dad that way. the the money that comes and gets spent on new programs that are created. they require new borrowing. cutting spending is the only way to get there. this was the shining inside of the tea party. i should apologize for my fellow cosmonaut terry hands.
10:04 pm
as far as an of this is the first time in american history anybody has been out there -- objecting specifically to spending. they were not saying my taxing was too high. the focus was, i you need to stop the spending. because a lot of those people believe in cheeses, that did not give them as much credit as they deserved it. we need to get there and accept that. this is where the bill and i i going to come to a real difference, editor of opinion. that is why we voted prosperity. showed it.n's
10:05 pm
that is what the system is designed to deal. the different branches keep each other in check. when that happens ec governments not spend as much. that is when you see the debt start to go down. it >> they were on the floor, this will be economic devastation of the race texas it. >> the actual reduction in the deficit started when the republicans took over a dental congress a. >> how could you remove the revenue of the internet to 93. >> defeat actually look at actual revenue, the tax rate is what everyone pays attention to. we should be paying attention to
10:06 pm
how much that are bringing in. they were bringing in the same amount. we never get above the 18%, 19% of revenue. this is when the objective mid- 1950s when had it tax rates -- is telling that 19% of gdp as your revenue. that does not change. you are not going to raise more taxes by raising tax rates. it is of the spending that is out of control. that is what has to come down. >> clinton raised taxes and enter 1993. by 2000 we had a balanced a budget. bush came and and unravel the tax plan. look and behold, ye no longer had a balance the budget. i do not think -- >> i think by looking at how
10:07 pm
much money came into the treasury. >> the same amount under george w. bush. >> the same amount is under bill clinton. the depleted revenues that would come and otherwise. >> it depends on the year, actually. he sang revenues decreased and the bush? quirks i would presume so. crux does anybody have a from the cabinet this up on question mike cox fight -- we are glad to
10:08 pm
have the in the audience. >> we will put this behind us. jim is the editor of the daily colored news. his work has appeared on the national review online. his directing has been leaked by such high traffic sites as r >> we have been having this discussion. if you would like to jump in. whatever else comes to mind since we are jumping into this. >> i think my experience has altered the composition of the panel. i have become a radical anarchist. i am in favor of privatizing lost rate in addition to public
10:09 pm
transportation. i did not see how they can be more of a disorderly process from what exists said. i thank you all from here process. i would start a little bit to project not to detract from the conversation that was on going -- i was going to summarize conservatism from my perspective. there are a lot of definitions out there. i always start with tours of the bush pose a campaign promise of a foreign policy. the idea of humility i think is central to a a american conservatism, not just the in foreign policy but everything else.
10:10 pm
conservatism is based on two central insights. one is more of a temperamental than an ideology. he will not tear something down until the first understand why it is built. he did not begin with the presumption that everything that has happened before you are done to of the past given their it may appear arbitrary to you or it may not make sense to you, that the snubbing the you are arbitrary. there may have been good reasons for them and it is worth studying the reasons before real reform carry the american conservatism is dedicated to preserving a tradition. the american political tradition allows some as political
10:11 pm
liberalism. it is dedicated to the idea of preserving the founding fathers who were by certain standards classically liberal in key respects, even though they did proceed many of the figures. humility is important for two reasons. the understanding the limits of any all-powerful group of experts of any government and terms of determining what is in the best interest of any individual or community. individuals or communities, often of their best interests, even if the centralized group may enter the fullness of everything else possess more knowledge, they do not possess more knowledge of how you want to live your life.
10:12 pm
to me those are the two most important and sides of the conservatism. they are the two that are most often ignored by self-described politicians it. we have seen them in short supply among the recent republican nominees. i think that is unfortunate and something that will change. >> he began by describing american conservatism as you understand it as being what bush praised in 2010. we had a republican administration that had what maneuver, the most reckless or aggressive foreign policies under inter recent memory and took the current president. how do you see that in the
10:13 pm
context of conservatism? quirks i think what tends to have been rich it happens with the art it -- governed by democrats are republicans when there is a problem, they have to do something or be perceived as doing something. less often as their interest income taking a step back and making sure this something that we do is the right thing. it has to be something. i think it and to a the aftermath of 9/11, people wanted to do something. it was a traumatic experience of americans are attacked and killed of enteral large numbers. there is not something americans are used to experiencing. it is are a terrible tragedy and a crime. there were a lot of ideas how to
10:14 pm
cast form of a kick invading iraq, there were things people were advocating making a regime change a in rack occurred did during the clinton administration when it was passed did until 1988 and signed into law by president clinton. it had a bit of bipartisan support. i did not totally convinced we would not invade iraq if out or president. -- al gore were president. i do think the initial invasion was corrected. i think the initial strikes
10:15 pm
against those who attacked us or necessary and just to pursue a and other countries where people wanted to intervene. the prior to 911 was casting about in search of a solution to a problem the political class was not certain how to solve that. >> will hide want to ask you, based on what he said, during the bush years, the focus was born policy. there is something yet animated the hatred on the left for the right, it was for civil liberties. we have a president to the has now only continued the foreign policy, but has expanded it and where is. the campeau people aware
10:16 pm
without due process. obama has won up to bush by saying we can imprison american citizens without due process character of them in jail with out any questions asked. how dec foreign policy from a liberal perspective seeing that obama has considered many predecessor's policies and expanded them. >> i do not accept the premise. obama has not interpreted it as saying, we do have -- >> he said we have the power, but i will not do it. >> it is a vague sentence at enter the bel he read a design give it any more power than in to there's a one that is about terrorists.
10:17 pm
the right to take american citizens indefinitely. having said that, there really is not a singular liberal foreign policy -- nor, is there a conservative one. there are different strains until both parties and ideologies. there are some people on the left who are anger at obama for the things he state or who believe the things he state. there are those like myself who do not see it that way who see big differences between obama foreign-policy and the bush foreign policy. on civil liberties, obama and its systematic torture,.
10:18 pm
there is the human rights organization that suggests he tortured the way bush did. on the broader foreign policy question, i think his zero a huge earth shattering difference that obama is on the side of bottom of democracy in the middle east even though dictators are our allies. it is unheard of for a cost to pull out to an alley because of that person. >> i will be for the. . i would not say -- and i do not
10:19 pm
think it was an across the board policy for reagan to become sticky dispiriting >> it is an across the board pulsator this feminist addition. >> he have had it three years. you have had dramatic situations enter libya, syria. the camp are two examples. it is pretty difficult to slip -- flip a switch. part of the obama philosophy -- which is very interesting -- trying to find what is possible lead control this. that does not get america caught in the truck of unnecessary war. he have these two examples the
10:20 pm
most striking. people on the street clearly with opposition to the dictator there. there are plenty of examples. bush, a junior with a crackdown there. lots of examples where we tell people where brush, same year says, you want to crack down, we will not get involved there. that is a typical way of it going down. 4 blessed is a, you do not get to crackdown and have america stand aside. he will not keep your mind if he did necessarily. that was the key factor that of them crushed out. libya is a different story we have a possibility of a massacre occurring. obama said, i will like to stop that from happening.
10:21 pm
if i can i get a true blue coalition through the you and i will not do it to it. critics howled about a true blue declaration of war through our own congress. >> if congress wanted to cut to the funding, they could have cut the funding. they chose not to. they knew obama was and the right. >> this is incredible hubris' we're talking about here. if you have not learned that we cannot manage out comes inform top -- in foreign countries, you're sorry very afraid. or that happened at enter the gerbil world is happening with their way like it or not. obama did all like it. clinton did not like and. she argued that a question not
10:22 pm
stab mubarak and to the back. as for as libya, at first it seemed we got lucky and khaddafi went down easily. things seem to have turned a run there. god only knows what will happen at the entrance area. we sit here talking about "work to this." we can back the syrians here and there. i spent a lot of time and enter the part of the world. it is not make sense when you are there. sitting here thing you will make it work out. i was going to mention the humble foreign-policy. i am still waiting for my country to rise up and about the promises of that tree that. >> i think that is what i am
10:23 pm
talking about when i discuss humility. and that it would be bobby desirable for us to dictate political outcomes and enter countries. we are dealing with multifarious political set f -- factions and to foreign countries from which we have limited knowledge. how often do we armed factions, give support to affections, support people at the inter- governmental at the outset of derbent who ultimately become our enemies. american foreign policy should be focused on the interests of the united states. this where we are most knowledgeable about. will make it into the idea we will rebuild foreign countries from which we have limited knowledge, i think we're setting
10:24 pm
ourselves up for failure and disappointment. >> it is a bipartisan criticism. >> to get back to where y'all are talking about -- the problem with the bush approach to this was, when he tried to an crutcher believes to the point of a gun, people may not like it. that might feel terrorism and we can national-security. what is going on right now is not that. this is bottom up. -- >> we will take you live to bristol, virginia. bill clinton introducing president obama in his final rally of the day. live coverage of in c-span.
10:25 pm
♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello. i am glad to be back until virginia. i want to thank congressman connolly. i want to ask you to make sure tim kaine once this election on tuesday. it was great to hear the dave matthews band again. as you can see, i have given my voice of in the service of my president.
10:26 pm
i have the honor of introducing the president tonight in setting up his speech. i want to tell you that for years ago when he ran both hillary and i worked very hard. we did it together over 100 appearances. i am a much more enthusiastic about barack obama cause a election tonight and then i was four years ago. the [cheers and applause] there are five simple reasons. first of all, a in at time torn by is the logical or fear and the partisanship, here has the right philosophy. the president knows that we are all in this to get it.
10:27 pm
that works to the other than "you are on your own." he knows that an economy that builds the middle class and use poor people and honorable way to work into it is a lot better than four more years of trickle- down. we have been their care read he knows that a budget based on a arithmetic is one best -- is better than a one based on the pollution. he does that practical cooperation is better than all of the constant in ideological conflict. we side, did we not? we saw it in the with the president to cut off the campaign trail and responded. all over america, people were thrilled to see him working
10:28 pm
with the republican governor of new jersey. the mayor of new york city who is an independent and endorsed president obama. the democratic governors of the york and connecticut, to turn the electricity on and clean the debris. what i want to tell you is, cooperation works better when there is the disaster. if he did not have cooperation, you have the makings of a disaster. barack obama is a curve and coal operator. [cheers and applause] he even offered in an attempt to get a budget deal, at one trillion dollars in spending
10:29 pm
cuts. they said, thank you very much. no deal. we will not see one penny raised on the loftiest americans even if it will get rid of $4 trillion in debt. the door is still open. would you re-elect him, they will walk through that door [cheers and applause] the sec and to resent i am for president obama is he has done a good job with a bad hand it. keep in mind, author 2007 and two dozen it, then senator obama crossed america with center clinton and senator joe biden and other good democrats of talking about how bad the economy already was median family income was lower than that was the data left office.
10:30 pm
poverty was up. all of these things were true before the crash. because of the policy he now advocates. then came the crash six weeks before the election. he took office when the economy was losing a hundred thousand jobs a month now, the economy lost jobs for about 15 months. when it started again, when president obama's jobs programs of the kicking and in said the three months, we have had 5.8 million jobs as of yesterday. when somebody criticizes an office holder, you have a right to ask them, compared to what?
10:31 pm
let's look at the most recent comparisons. if you do not count the losses in the crash of president bush and look at the seven years after the birth slowdown we have had when the dot com stocks across the bet. just the seven-year period. there were 2.6 million private- sector jobs twice as many jobs, 5.8 million. barack obama has done a good job. [cheers and applause] the third reason you're sorry for him as he has felt as responsibility to be a good commander in chief. [applause] he has advanced the nation's
10:32 pm
security by ending the war and a rock bank, by fighting terror, monotype -- modernizing the military. making the world with more friends and it your adversaries. [cheers and applause] she has a heck of the secretary of state. [cheers and applause] most important of all to me, he has shown a consistent unbreakable commitment to take care of the men and women and then to her in the form when they come home. [cheers and applause] for all of these presents, he
10:33 pm
was endorsed by a self-described moderate republican and one of the most distinguished military leaders since world war ii, colin powell. he also pointed out his opponents are the salmon neocons that took us into were iraq on bad intelligence. barack obama as a tourist for commander in chief. the fourth reason i am for ham can be described in refers once used by the second president to brush. he said something i really agree with. he often got made fun of, but it is true. he said the president is the
10:34 pm
decider of antar chief. thes look at how they seiters stacked up. barack obama decided to sign the lead from -- the ledbetter fair pay out. that is not just a woman posed the issue. anybody who, like to me, was a kid i denture a family where both the mother and father worked knows every father wants his wife to be paid an equal amount for equal work so they can raise a kid it. [applause] this law has been on the box for a couple of years now. when the mitt romney was asked, well -- he was asked, would you sign the bill?
10:35 pm
what i mean, he will have harder decisions than this. [cheers and applause] there is an answer to this question. and answer yes or no carrot winnie are the decider in chief you cannot just shuffle along. -- when you are the decider in chief you cannot just shuffle along the. barack obama decided that america could not afford to let the automobile industry die. he saved it. [cheers and applause]
10:36 pm
mitt romney opposed what he did it. he could be hired as a chief contortionist. he was against it carried it was not just general motors and chrysler. there is a result of a german and japanese companies that make companies or for the automobile restructuring. they knew if general motors quit buying parts, the protest. it is and the example of, we are all in this to get there. barack obama made the right decision.
10:37 pm
his opponent was wrong. in an unbelievable attempt to distract the voters of ohio where one and then to or 80 jobs depend on the car business, he accused the president of allowing the jeep to move the jobs to china. i remember how hard it was for us to get it there. i know that they are expanding the plant, hiring more people and taking on more production. [cheers and applause] first, the jeep said it was not
10:38 pm
so. they said, even general motors rebuked him. when i was a kid and i got my hand caught again to or a cookie jar, my face turned red it. i took my hand out not to gov. romney. he is looking for more cookies. when and general of murders and a chrysler and jeep all said this is as bull, he then said because fiat bonds with a controlling interest of enter china, he said they moved it to china.
10:39 pm
he is now going after the italians. it is the irish as next i am told a. far worse. after every single red table authority said this is a false charge, he parked it on television and doubled down and cut more money behind it. he believes a middle-class people are so scared about their jobs and so uninformed of it will buy any line that they see on television. i think they and the arts marcher. i think barack obama will be elected president. [cheers and applause] i am for president obama because
10:40 pm
his plans for the future are better. i would just give you a brief outline. he wants us to invest even more in the first jobs of the 21st century. clean energy and manufacturing and modern agriculture. he was to educate and empower people to do those jobs. he wants to help employers cut back into the next by going to community colleges and getting skills that will give them good jobs. he has revolutionized the student loan lot. from now on beginning next year every person of enter america who has a college lawn will first of all, get it at a lower
10:41 pm
cost and have the right to pay the loan back as they fixed percent of their am come for 20 years. we have fallen to 15th or so are of central the percentage of people were of four year college degrees. this means nobody ever has to drop out of college again ever because of the lungs. [cheers and applause] one of the reasons middle-class people could not get a paper is is because health-care costs went up so much. has not only allowed 3 million yen people to be on their policies for some time, it has not only met a possibly beginning next year for 30
10:42 pm
million americans -- money with pre-existing conditions to be insured, not on the has amended a legal for women to be charged more than men for health-care, for the last two years to have had the lowest inflation and enter health-care costs in 50 years. if this keeps going, the ideologues it or lose every argument they have to privatize social security. barack obama has done it to their root right away. -- barack obama has done it to the right away. he has a budget by some arithmetic. he only asks people like me --
10:43 pm
he asks us to pay a little more so we can balance the budget and get rid of the debt and announced the future. now, how does that compare to gov. romney pars the plan. they told us the debt was the biggest problem in the world. they forgot to tell us we never have permanent that in peace time until the convinced of her body government -- there was no such thing as a bad a tax cut. they tripled and quadrupled the debt to before i took office. then i gave the four years of declining deficits and for years of surpluses. they got back in with and they
10:44 pm
get into bed again. this should explain something to you. obama opposes a plan brings the debt it down and is based on our arithmetic. what is romney pros a plan? another big tax cuts for upper income people. and gives the highest income people 60% of the tax cuts. and then to cut education and investment and errors that will create jobs, cut them a lot. repeal of the student loan loss making it more expensive and harder to repay. keeping us down there and to the rankings of college graduates. do not produce a budget. you want to spend 2.4 trillion
10:45 pm
dollars more. or to cut taxes more than he wants to cut taxes. you have only identified $1 trillion of tax deductions on companies he want to repeal. that is president of obama cars are deal. that leaves $6.50 trillion. how will you felt the whole? you wanted to reduce the long- term debt. it how will the do that? see me about that after the election. he has no budget. i want to vote for the president who has a budget, who has a plan that will produce prosperity. i wanted to vote for the president who has been a good commander of our center chief and a good commander in chief and.
10:46 pm
. tiv of somebody who has brought to america on the other side it. lastly, just to remember this, governor mitt romney has promised us 12 million jobs. he said, but just electing me, people will be so elated that you are going to get 12 million jobs. yours way it was just an oversight as the president has told us, america is in a huge public health -- it is spreading a condition known as romnesia.
10:47 pm
days before a promise to the tour million jobs, a distinguished independent business forecaster says we are trying to good " melvin chop the intrepid next four years of rigid, support president obama has already done. [cheers and applause] it is my great honor to introduce too few the commander and chief, the man who brought to back and will take you forward -- barack obama. [cheers and applause]
10:48 pm
>> hello, virginia. are you fired up? are you ready to go question mike the have to be fired up for parole clinton. he has been traveling all across the country for this campaign.
10:49 pm
he has been laying out the state's so well that our team basically calls him the secretary of explanting stuff. the on the clinton and working harder than him as our secretary of state, hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] i am so grateful for both of them. the only problem is, i was enjoying listening to president clinton so much, i had to run up to get my cue. i was sitting there soaking it all and. he has been a great president and a great friend. i want everyone to give president bill clinton and great round of applause.
10:50 pm
speaking of the outstanding public servants, your next center, your next governor, tm kaine is in the house. i want everybody to thank david mathis for the outstanding performance. now -- i love you back. for the next several days, all of us have been focused on the devastation taking place on the east coast. virginia was hit, but was pared the worst to brunt of the storm. i am been in and new jersey. we have been on the phone with people from connecticut and new
10:51 pm
york. as a nation, we mourn those who have been lost. our hearts and prayers go to the families that have been going through unbearable pain. so many people have been impacted. it will be a long, hard road to recovery. every time i have spoken to people lead entering the region, i have told them america will be with them every step of the way. america will be there on this hard road ahead it. we will help them rebuild it together. that is what we do. during the course of tragedy, we have been inspired of with last few days by heroes, firefighters, and a national guardsmen and ems people and
10:52 pm
police officers, running into buildings. neighbors helping neighbors cope with tragedy. leaders of different political party is working to get it to fix what is broken. not according about who is getting credit or who is collecting the politics of it. no matter how bad this storm is, we bounceback, no matter how tough times things are. it we rise or fall as one nation and one people. [cheers and applause] that spirit has guided this country along the impossible adjourning for more than two centuries. it is what has carried us through the trials and tribulations of four years. but then to a 2008, we were
10:53 pm
again to the middle of two boards. today our businesses have created 5.8 million the jobs. the american auto industry is back on top. housing construction is coming back appeared we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time had until the last four years because of the sacrifice of men and women in and uniform. the war and inter afghanistan is coming to a close. osama bin laden as dead. we are sick for a member were four years ago. we have made real progress. we are here tonight not only to listen to dave matthews, not only to hear bill clinton burry things done for us, we are here
10:54 pm
because we have more work to do. as long as there is a single american who wants a job and cannot find one, our job is not done. as long as there are families working harder bristow cannot -- our work is not done. as long as there is a child and then to of virginia who is languishing in poverty and far from opportunity, our work is not done. we have more work to do. [applause] our fiat rose on, va., because we know of the nation cannot succeed without a thriving middle-class. our fight to goes on because america has always done best. everybody has a fair share and is going by the same rules.
10:55 pm
the is why you elected bill clinton in 1992. that is where you elected me in 2008. as why i am running again for president. [cheers and applause] now, va., and then to three days you have a choice to make. even if we have made it the choice, you have to talk to some people who have not. you have to tell them to his of not just interest between two candidates and the two part is, it is right choice between two visions of america.
10:56 pm
as americans, we honor the entrepreneur ors, the risk takers. we believe the free enterprise system is the greatest source of prosperity we have ever known. we also know addend to of this country, the market works best. more businesses are created, more jobs are created when everybody has a chance to succeed it. when everybody has a chance to get a good education and learn new skills. one we support research and medical breakthroughs and new technologies because we know we cannot do that on our own. we have to pour resources to discover the future. we know in america is stronger when everybody can count on affordable health insurance.
10:57 pm
when everybody can count on medicare and social security to give them a dignified retirement. we know the market works better when the roles of the road to protect kids from toxic dumping, consumers from being taken advantage of from credit card companies or mortgage lenders. we believe there is a role for rules and regulations that are smart. there are some things we should leave to the people that we did not think politicians in washington are smart about controlling -- decisions women are capable of making. now, for 80 years we had a president who shared these believes it. he have just heard him. president clinton's economic
10:58 pm
plan ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little bit more. the interesting thing is, at the time, the republicans into congress and a certain senate candidate by the name of the mitt romney -- do not booo. you have to vote. this is aware kill jobs. sound familiar? it turns out, his math was just as bad back and as it is now appear by the end of the second term, president clinton created 23 million jobs. our deficit became the biggest surplus in history.
10:59 pm
what about their ideas? we tried it goes, too. after bill clinton left office, for eight years, we tried the giving big tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. we tried to strip rate regulations to wall street. companies were free to do what they chose. we got record deficits, the slowest job growth than half of a century and an economic crisis we have been cleaning up against ever since. we tried one white, it worked. we tried another way, it did not work. presents another dilemma for mitt romney. gov. romney is a talent salesmen. salesmen. in this

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